About Us

Indman Scale corporation is a trusted name in the sector of electronic weighing scale industry which is achieved by selling and maintaining the quality weighing machines in the industry and retail sector. Digital weighing scales nowadays have become an essential part in all sectors - being retail or industrial.  
To cater to and provide widely, we design and deliver high performance & aesthetically beautiful products and make weighing scale price cheaper.
Our vision and thoughtful direction in the past few years has helped us grow at a fast pace and has helped us emerge as one of the largest suppliers of weighing scales and systems to large number of industries including many small and big enterprises.
Our company is built around 2 divisions
A. Scale Division: stock and sell every conceivable type of scales including precision laboratory balances, analytical balances, industrial platform scales, retail scales, medical scales, forklift & pallet scales, livestock scales, crane scales, truck scales, counting scales, check-weighing systems. Custom scale designs for different industries and uses are also available. Often minor modifications of existing products can result in a custom weighing system for a specific research project or application.
B. Weighing Systems Division: provides design, engineering, development, custom programming, installation, start-up, maintenance and repair for industrial weighing systems, from simple tank weighing applications to the most complex, fully integrated industrial process control applications. We specialize in customized weighing applications and precision weighing applications. We provide the weighing components, mounting hardware, indicators, controls and computer interfaces and know-how for any industrial or commercial weighing application. We realize that systems are rarely identical. We are expert in making sure that you get the exact system your process requires.

Weighing Indicator