\\'Service you can count on\\' is more than just a slogan to us. We truly feel, not only morally bound but obliged to commit ourselves to provide the best services we can to our customers.
A product however good or reliable has to be backed with an efficient and prompt backup service. We understand that the need for service never stops and we are committed to being there whenever you need us. You can always get a hold of Indman Scale Corp., even at 3:00 a.m.- we will be there.

We normally and routinely are on the job site within less than 12 hours on after our call outs. We have technically qualified service engineers to fully take care of this vital aspect of your requirement.

We also do maintain sufficient stock of spares to ensure minimum down time of your equipment(s). Our service personnel are located / based at all vital business locations & we assure our customers very prompt services at all times.

Routine Preventative Maintenance is more than putting a weight on the scale and slapping a sticker on it.
  • We pre-inspect for physical damage or worn parts and if any are found we notify you.
  • We do a multi-point test and record 'as found and as left' conditions.
  • We make any minor adjustments as needed.
  • For counting scales, we also test for accuracy by sampling and counting with a known weight.
  • We provide on time field service calls and we put the emergency break downs at the top of the list.
  • If need be, we even pull technicians off the routine preventive maintenance jobs (with customer’s permission) because we understand if your scales are not working, you are losing production and money.
  • We try our best to bring all the parts necessary to fix your scale on the job, however if we can not we will provide you with a temporary scale to get you back in business.