High Precision Laboratory Balance ( 0.001g to 500g )

Contech the leading manufacturer of Electro Magnetic Force Compensation High Precision Balances manufactures Laboratory Balances from 0.01mg accuracy. These Balances are available in various models and specifications to meet the requirements of wide range of applications in Research & QC Laboratories of Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Textile industries as well as Educational Institutions


Motorized internal calibration (Optional)
ISO GLP compliance (Optional)
Multiple weighing units.
Standard bi-directional RS-232 interface
Backlite LCD display.


Model No. Capacity Graduation Pan (mm)
CB-50 50 g 0.001 g 100
CB-360 60/300 g 0.001/0.01 g 100
CB-123 120 g 0.001 g 100
CB-223 220 g 0.001 g 100
CB-323 320 g 0.001 g 100
CB-413 410 g 0.001 g 100
CB-503 500 g 0.001 g 100

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