Wireless Platform Scale

Junky industrial or retail sectors where there is always a problem of keeping th loadcell wire safe and sound. But it is always a cumbersome process to keep it safe. If the the wire cuts or damages, all production process is bound to hamper. If the connectity of weighing scale is with computer or other process, all is mass. So to eradicate this entire process we have launched Heavy Duty Platform Scale with wireless connection with termininal.   


  • High precision load cell
  • Wireless connectivity from platform to indicator
  • Large 1" LED display for excellent visibility
  • Heavy duty mechanical Structure
  • Net gross / piece counting function
  • Standard accumulation function
  • 6 Volt inbuilt rechargeable battery backup
  • Designed using thick chequard plates
  • Suitable for General Weighing, heavy material, Freight, Industry
  • Optional RS232 port
  • Keyboard calibration facilities
  • Extended remote display facilities
  • Low battery indicator cum shut down
  • Auto stand by mode for enhancing battery life


Model No. Capacity Graduation Pan (mm)
PLAX-TP 1000 Kg 100 gm 1000 X 1000
PLAX-TP 1500 Kg 200 gm 1000 X 1200
PLAX-TP 2000 Kg 200 gm 1200 X 1200
PLAX-TP 1000 Kg 200 gm 1500 X 1500
PLAX-TP 2000 Kg 200 gm 1500 X 1500
PLAX-TP 3000 Kg 500 gm 1500 X 1500

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