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Softweb BlueEye is the best attendance and weightment tracking solution for tea plantation workers across the globe
Softweb BlueEye is for 100% authentic attendance recording and accurate weighing data capture. Specialy designed for tea, coffee, rubber other agro-plantation industries, where authentic attendance is captured along with accurate weightment collected by workers.  It is a combination of a Weighing scale with TAB and a fingerprint scanner which is connected to ERP.
A. 100% authentic attendance with Zero attendance manipulation
B. Redundant and time-consuming jobs like manual attendance keeping are no longer needed.
C. Best use for a tea garden, as not only plucking but attendance against all other activities also can be tracked.
D. Optimum utilization of resources and effective time management.
E. Stopping manual intervention in weight capture leading to zero manipulation in data.
F. Relevent & real-time  MIS reports instantly (in TAB)  to the  management.
To learn more: https://softweb.co.in/blueeye/



To learn more: https://softweb.co.in/blueeye/



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