Digitalization and Automation

Digitalization & Automation in SMEs & MSMEs in India
Indman Scales provides scales, industrial measuring equipment, industrial sensors, automation tools and other machinery and equipment. It also provides complete Digitalization and automation solutions to SMEs and MSMEs planning to incorporate Digital Transformation in their operations to gain operational excellence.
In the context of SMEs and MSMEs, Digitalization refers to the adoption and integration of digital technologies across various operations to gain excellence, in a cost-effective way.
Automation involves the use of technology and robotic process automation, to perform tasks ensuring minimal human error.


ERP Solution
SMEs and MSMEs struggle to get their entire business reports and performance in one single report. Using only accounting-based software like Tally, only provides business intelligence reports on limited sections of business. Analysing data through Excel sheets becomes cumbersome, with no fruitful insights driven out of the reports to implement in business.
ERP solutions only limited to accounting software lead to separate islands of information without any coordination between departments concerning data. This uncoordinated data structure is leading to operational inconsistencies, leading to
- high cost
- manual errors
- zero coordination among departments
- loss in revenue growth.
Every industry micro, small, or medium (MSME) or SME are adopting modern technologies and digital transformation solutions to streamline their operations.
An ideal ERP for SMEs & MSMEs  will help
  • Streamline process
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve decision making
  • Revenue growth
  • Satisfied customers
  • Unlock new opportunities
Manufacturing Industries of various sectors, need ERP solutions of their own
In all sorts of Manufacturing Industries, there is solution for Digitalization And Automation
  • ERP for Discrete Manufacturing. The various industry that covers
  • ERP for the Automotive Industry
  • ERP for the Furniture Industry
  • ERP for Electronics Manufacturer Industry
  • ERP for Medical Devices manufacturers
  • ERP for Machinery ( heavy machinery for construction and agriculture)
  • ERP for Tools and Hardware
  • ERP for Medical & laboratory equipment
  • ERP for Scientific Instruments and operations
  • ERP for Electrical Equipment and Apparatus
  • ERP Communication equipment and devices
  • ERP for Computers and peripheral equipment
  • ERP for Paper and Packaging Material
  • ERP for Rubber and miscellaneous Plastic products
  • ERP for Fabricated Metal Products
  • ERP for Primary Metals
  • ERP for Food Processing equipment (like packaging machines)
  • ERP for Forging & Foundry
Under development for ERP for Process Based Manufacturing, we include
  • ERP for Chemicals (paints, fertilizers, plastics)
  • ERP for Petroleum Refinery
  • ERP for Food (flour, juice, beverages)
  • ERP for Tea
  • ERP for Pharmaceuticals
  • ERP for Jute & textile
  • ERP for Cement and concrete
  • ERP for Iron and steel
  • ERP for Glass Production
  • ERP for Soaps and detergents
  • ERP for Forging, Foundry and Casting.
For ERP for Project-based Industries, we have
  • ERP for Printing And Packaging Industry
  • ERP for Apparel and Fashion
  • ERP for Shipbuilding (large and custom ships)
  • ERP for Power generation companies
  • ERP for EPC Companies (Engineering, Procurement, Construction)
  • ERP for Construction Companies
  • ERP for Oil exploration and Production.
Various modules of ERP like procurement, logistics, accounts, production, inventory, sales and marketing, and payroll, help SMEs and MSMEs to coordinate various aspects of business and operation seamlessly. Solutions involving Systems Applications Products and data processing, if taken from global corporations, involve huge costs with a limited scope of customisation. Custom ERP for MSME, helps businesses to include or exclude modules and features according to business needs and industry.
SMEs and MSMEs need to embrace automation in their production and operational activities to reduce errors and inefficiencies.
Automation can be broadly classified into 2 categories
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Smart Factory Automation
Robotic Process Automation – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a revolutionary solution that deploys robots to conduct repetitive tasks, reducing human intervention. RPA imitates the human actions within digital Systems, enhancing efficiency, and accuracy across various industries. The scalability makes RPA a vital tool for streamlining operations, driving Productivity, and fostering innovation across the organizations. Tasks like online bidding, E-tendering etc, could be conducted smoothness with RPA


Smart Factory Solution
Business organisations be it manufacturing or trading, need measured data, through scales sensors or other mediums. But these data until processed to derive meaningful insights remains irrelevant.
Implementing various sensors enables tracking machine input and output in real-time enabling management to understand the overall machine performance. Implementing other tools like the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud computing, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI & ML), and RFID technologies helps in better control of the entire production, inventory and logistics process.
The data derived from these implemented technologies helps in understanding precisely the output performance of the entire production process. These data are presented in a consolidated format with a user-friendly interface and alerts on any anomalies found. Based on these reports, manufacturing plants can analyse downtime, and consumption of energy or implement predictive maintenance for their plant.
MSMEs and SMEs seek affordable smart factory solutions. Solutions provided by global corporations are often high in price and too little scope for customisation is available based on specific needs. It is important to select a trusted smart factory solution at an affordable price to implement in the business.
Indman Scale expertise in different types of scales is majorly required by agro plantation industries to collect weight. As digital transformation is becoming a necessity across every industry, agro plantation too cannot be left behind. Modern-day farm management ERP or Agro-plantation industry operations revolves around total weights produced or processed.
A well-designed ERP for Agri-Plantation completes the entire operations of the agri-plantation industry. Field to fork, the entire operations are covered under various modules like Garden payroll management, garden or field produce, Plant Management, Fixed Asset Management, Financial Management, Pest Control, Cultivation Tracking, Sales Management, and many more. These modules help to manage and control the entire operations of the agri-plantation and farm, through user-friendly dashboards and MIS reports. 
The entire operation from field to market is taken care of through ERP. For example, a tea ERP helps manage the operations of tea manufacturers, Tea packaging and blenders, small growers, and cooperative management. From grower authentication and collection of leaves to field reports and pest management, tea manufacturing to bulk tea blending, packing and sales, and fleet management all operations could be viewed in a consolidated report for having a top-level view of the entire operations.
Custom Software Development
The range of customised solutions enhances any business operation and increases profitability. The customised solution can be implemented in every aspect of operations for better visibility.

Some of the customised solution we develop:-

  • Proper control of inventory for operational efficiency
  • Effective customer relationship to develop personalized experiences
  • Successfully navigating complex project (Project Management)
  • Data Analytics specific to business needs
  • Accelerating sales growth with CRM
  • Guarding and staying updated in supply chain with real time visibility and control
  • Attaining excellence with quality management solution
  • Safeguarding business with automated compliance solution
  • Service management solution
  • Training Management Solution
  • Solutions to navigate risks and take data driven decisions to mitigate them
  • Tailored Marketing Solutions to tap new business markets
  • Event Management solutions for smooth launch
  • Inspection Management Solution
  • Customized App Development to stay connected with your business or customers
  • Customised data to harness data to make forecasts about emerging business trends
  • Conduct Surveys
  • Performance Management
  • Scheduling Solution
  • Master Maintenance with our tailored solutions for assets
  • Customized Learning Management
  • Fuel Management in Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • Shift Management Solution
  • Master scheduling and optimize resource allocation
  • Vendor Management with proper vendor alignment
  • Ticket Management Solution with complaint redressed
Any Solution imagined to benefit business operations, and to make scalable can be developed by us.
Think Beyond ERP

SMEs and MSMEs need to go beyond ERP to Digitalize and automate their operation entirely. A true Digital Transformation beyond ERP is possible, by incorporating other solutions in addition to ERP for the smooth running of operations:
  1. Document Management System - Document management solutions facilitate efficient creation, storage, retrieval, and sharing of digital documents within organizations. These platforms streamline document workflows, ensuring version control, security, and compliance. With features like indexing, search, and collaboration tools, document management solutions enhance productivity, reduce paper dependency, and improve information accessibility across teams and departments.
  2. Workflow Management Solution - Workflow management solutions optimize business processes by orchestrating tasks, resources, and data flows efficiently. These platforms provide visibility into workflows, enabling organizations to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and ensure compliance. With customizable automation and integration capabilities, workflow management solutions empower businesses to adapt to evolving demands and achieve operational excellence.
  3. Computer Vision - Computer vision enables machines to interpret and understand visual information from images or videos. Using algorithms and deep learning techniques, it enables tasks like object recognition, image classification, and motion detection. Applications range from autonomous vehicles and medical imaging to facial recognition and augmented reality, driving innovation across industries.
  4. Vendor Alignment - Vendor alignment is the strategic synchronization between a company and its suppliers to achieve shared goals and objectives. It involves building strong relationships, clear communication channels, and mutual understanding of expectations. Effective vendor alignment enhances supply chain efficiency, fosters collaboration, and ensures the delivery of high-quality products and services to customers.
Indman Scale has partnered with Digital Transformation beyond ERP partner Softweb Technologies to drive digitalization and automation in SMEs & MSME industry in India.

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